Friday, May 30, 2008

The Kaisha bonding trip

That's right, I'm off to the countryside with my fellow comrades and co-workers for a company sponsored bonding sesh. Every year my company (let's call it the Kaisha for effect) sponsors an overnight trip for all the employees who have started within the past year. Apparently because the company is so big people find communication with others at work difficult and these trips are supposed to solve that. First of all, I can tell you the communication problems/lack of social skills isn't related to the size of the Kaisha. Nor am I convinced that getting naked and hopping in some natural spring water together is going to fix that.You heard me, we are off to an onsen resort for communal naked bathing and a big piss-up dinner followed by an after party and an after-after party. Don't get me wrong I love onsen but the thought of getting buck ass naked with the women I see everyday at the Kaisha is making me a bit nervous. This coming from the girl who modeled nude for art classes in the greater Tokyo area while an exchange student at university. I just don't feel like bonding that far with the women I see traipsing around the office everyday or the woman who I often do work for. I even went for a normal bikini wax last week instead of my normal brazilian so as not to freak people out (women here aren't exactly known for V area trimming). I'll give a more in depth pubic maintenance report on Monday however.

Several foreign women I've talked to have mentioned being stared at among other behavior directed towards them at onsen in Japan. I guess it depends on the woman and the area she is in (rural, urban etc.) but I've never felt too out of place (I mean, besides feeling like an Amazon). This is different though, because the Kaisha is very gossipy, especially among the secretaries. I can just imagine them discussing my white ass or my cooch over lunch on Monday. Ugh.

If the nakedness wasn't problem enough, I also have to worry about what to wear. Normally for a weekend trip you would think casual. But the Kaisha is basically a place for (arranged marriage) cleverly disguised as a Japanese company. Many of the secretaries are looking to snag one of the Professionals and look like they're dressed for a date most days of the week. I love fashion but not enough to want to wear heels and a skirt to a weekend frolic in the country. I know, I could just go in jeans and sneakers but don't tell me you wouldn't feel homely in that outfit among a sea of swishy skirts and heels. My co-worker and only-other-foreign-girl-in-the-office happily pointed out that the itinerary called for "comfortable shoes" but as I retorted, telling these women not to wear heels is like telling Japanese people not to eat rice. So there you have it. If nothing it will be a Cultural Experience.


lostinkarakuratown said...

Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog recently and am enjoying your many insights and stories about living in Japan. :) I love how you describe the cultural nuances - stuff that only a non-native resident can experience. You're awesome!

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Thanks! This post sure takes me back!

Anonymous said...

I also recently stumbled upon your blog. I'm going to Japan next semester as an exchange student. Did you get paid to model nude for art classes? Is it something I should look into?