Monday, December 1, 2008

Please do it at home in December

Happy December gentle readers. The metro folks are at it again as we knew they would be, and just in time for bonenkai season, when the inhabitants of this island nation band together in groups to drink copious amounts of alcohol, in the native belief that this does wonders to help one "forget the year". I think that says a whole lot right there. Instead of celebrating the passage of time, the Japanese just want to forget it ever happened.

The main text on the poster tells us to Please refrain from drunken behaviour. Well for people to do that, they would need to refrain from drinking too much. The metro people certainly have their work cut out! I do think it a sweet gesture however, to include a small note in the white bubble encouraging us to "also take care not to drink too much". What's next metro peeps? Only three months left until Tokyo has so many manners it doesn't know what to do with itself!


Keitorin said...

At the Waseda station I espied the December poster a couple days away from the end of the month, and immediately thought "Oh, GEG will enjoy this one for sure."

ambien said...

i love that i can keep up with tokyo's manners even though i am not there... =)