Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Please do it at home (again)

A few days late and some inspiration short, here I am. I have a bunch of unfinished posts I've been attempting to first finish so they vaguely resemble coherence, and then of course put up. Neither attempt has yet been successful, in particular a rant about the gym where I unknowingly repeat myself from an earlier post several times. I might just put it up anyway and perhaps my writing will have improved from the earlier gym post. Likely not.
So what do you think of old creepy sweepy this month? I actually feel bad for the guy now that he is a temporary cripple. I suspect he broke his leg during his run-in with either the party train hooligans back in November, the train surfer in August, or more recently in January with the guy I initially thought was homeless but turns out he is just sitting on the floor of the train. With his leg out. Creepy sweepy probably tripped over it and wound up with a broken ankle and now he has to contend with another fucking couple inconveniencing Tokyo's commuters by coochie-cooing in the courtesy seats over some Valentine's cookies. I can just imagine what the guy with the pursed lips is saying: "Bitch, what kind of a cookie is this? This tastes like some cheap-ass giri choco to me!" And while simultaneously scratching his crotch. Charming.

I have to admit though, this poster is sorely needed. In fact, I think they should build a giant mechanical hand that swings down and smacks people in the courtesy seats who don't give them up to the elderly, feeble and knocked-up, which is basically everyone (the people in the courtesy seats that is!). I think you have be missing a limb and bleeding out of your eyes to be offered a courtesy seat in Tokyo. Is it the big city anonymity that has turned everyone into monsters or do people not give up their seats because then it would be seen as placing the burden of being helped by a stranger on the other person? The other person who would then have to feel bad about receiving a stranger's kindness and bear that unnecessary weight when they could have just remained standing. Or has that theory of Ruth Benedict's been shot to hell already?


jellybeanzkelley said...

Actually, I ranted to the boyfriend about that not long ago. A very heavily pregnant woman got on the train and not one single person got up for her. I was standing myself (it was rush hour) or else I would have given her my seat. Assholes.

I see it every single day here in Japan and it pisses me off. It's like once you cross over the line of the train station entrance it magically becomes "anything goes asshole time." It's pretty much the only time I think Japanese are the rudest f*cking people on the planet.

Anonymous said...

That's the only time you think that?

Lisa said...

I noticed this during my trips to Tokyo and thought it was weird. On the surface, it seems counter to the culture. Anyone have an explanation? Do the Japanese think it's weird when Westerners offer them their seats?

Roberto said...

I just did a send-up of this ( and the entire series of posters at

Think you may enjoy.