Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Friday evening...

I was walking home from work when I ran into my Secretary, who happened to be heading in the same direction. Much to my surprise, she said hello and didn't run off in the opposite direction. I took the opportunity to make small talk with her and she was extremely obliging. This feels so civilized, I thought as I inquired as to where she lived. I can't remember what she answered now but after changing trains several times, once at a station that looked remarkably like the one in Wellington, we arrived in my neighbourhood, Secretary by my side.

She didn't seem to want to say goodbye just yet, so I invited her in for tea. Our living room was five times as large as I had remembered and the beau, surprised to be receiving an unannounced visitor, played it cool and began to make dinner. My Secretary still wouldn't leave, comfortable as she was with us, so we had no choice but to ask her to stay for dinner, an invitation that she readily accepted. The three of us sat on the floor, eating dinner and talking about her two children (I didn't even know she was married). I believe it was sometime in the middle of this pleasant conversation that I was either drugged or woke up.

Gentle readers, what am I to do, I can't escape from this woman, not even in my dreams!


Jen B said...

You completely had me there; I was reading along thinking "WOW! this is so unusual". I didn't even bat an eyelid when I read about your living room being five times larger than usual!

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Jen I felt similar upon waking. In fact, I was more disappointed that my apartment hadn't sprouted overnight than I was that my Secretary still has a personal vendetta against me!