Monday, May 17, 2010

Do it again!!

This put me in mind of the Last Word a few weeks ago that had me thanking my lucky stars it hasn't happened to me...yet. Frustrating experiences like that in Japan often leave me wordless (hard to believe I know) and I always come up with the best comeback several minutes too late. Maybe this is best to preserve what small ounce of harmony I have left.

I don't have the whatever to analyze this month's poster, so quickly before I am out the door for work: things I am loving and hating this week - you be the judge:

Flipping through travel magazines researching a long weekend jaunt to Shanghai (Japanese travel mags have the best pictures)

Tickets to the Dreamgirls musical in Shibuya next weekend

Beer gardens have started to open for the summer

Possible trip to Osaka in August to chill with the yakuza gangsta-style (or should I say, steez?)

Sugar daddy propositioning over the weekend (more on that later)

The secretary who keeps coming over and speaking to mine in a volume 11 whisper for 30-minute stretches about what I can only guess are her konkatsu activities - last week's little nugget of charm included some guy she first pronounced ugly and then ratcheted it up to "medium looks." When my secretary said that medium wasn't so bad, this charmer had the gall to say she was only interested in ikemen. I think she needs to have a good look in the mirror while playing back a recording of her voice.

The Head Secretary - the queen bee of our office hive if you will - has moved in behind me, causing the two secretaries in my quad to officially freak the fuck out. The HS rules over all things secretary-related and I can only imagine what decision went on behind closed doors that led to her being seated behind me when I personally feel she was perfectly fine on another floor. With everyone on their toes now, I can probably look forward to a return to painful and unnatural silence, where the rustle of a plastic bag could get you shot.

Funny how I have so much (some may argue too much) to say about certain topics...


kathrynoh said...

OMG without the English, I'd swear it was a "don't pick your ear wax and flick it around the train" poster (maybe that should be "keep it at the ear picking maid cafe!")

Lisa said...

I love the descriptions of your office. So different from my noisy office!

F-A de Montille said...

Loved your advice to the konkatsuing secretary. I can totally picture the homely-girl-trying-to-be-a-shibuyette-with-a-hig-pitch-voice now.

And yeah, unnatural silence is awful. But I have to say I'd hate even more working in a supermarket, for instance. Mine for instance has a speaker every other meter for promotions nobody listens to + tapes + TVs + Summit's song on the general speaker system + speaking elevators + your regular Irasshaimase-screaming crowd.
I'd go insane in a day. (it's painful enough for my 15min of grocery shopping)

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

F-A de Montille: "Shibuyette"-love!! I'm definitely glad I don't work in retail here, especially given the penchant for megaphones!