Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's Party

Yes, let's.

Starting with some hot pants to go under my pleated navy skirt for those windy days.

And then on to some "loose" socks, those scrunchy white wonders adorning the legs of only the most fashionable school girls.

Super wide for extra scrunch and volume.

I think it might be difficult to ever make oneself inconspicuous here as a foreigner - even dressing "local" would be like walking around with a cardboard cutout of a tree strapped to your front and hoping to blend in with the scenery - but should you ever feel in need of a good dose of attention whoring, might I suggest a Japanese school uniform? I've only ever received a lot of random vocal attention all at once when wearing kimono or yukata but the uniform punches it up to a whole new level: you become part of the collective national fantasy. There is even a party held sporadically in Tokyo where you can unite with other uniformed lovelies and dance in front of gold-framed mirrors with dead animal heads on the walls that stare blankly at the gratuitous chandeliers. Why yes, I am turning 27 in a few weeks.

Young hip things (i.e., my peers!) in Shibuya even yelled nice stuff at me from their groups huddled on the dirty sidewalk doing god knows what. I was forced to snub someone once at the end of the night when this guy kept getting up in my grill: he thought he was being a conversationalist, I thought he was being an ass^hat. He asked me if I like anime to which I gave a vehement no and explained that I had merely been out to a party. Where people dress in school uniforms. So much hotter than anime (no offense otaku). I want to run off and join the schoolgirl circus.

That is a Strong Zero that I'm holding - I was going to go for a Slat (whose unfortunate name conjures images of Beavis and Butthead saying "slut") but was lured in by its long sleek body. And I rarely even drink these bitch drinks anymore - give me a beer or a vodka rickey any day.

I rarely try to bore you with non look-I'm-in-Japan content (isn't that all I can think about anyway, being in Japan?!), but seeing as I am dressed as a schoolgirl with a little jungle flava above, I feel it has provided a sound opener to draw your attention to the It Gets Better Project headed by the only sex columnist worth listening to, Dan Savage. With my dark heart things rarely make it in there these days but this has managed to. If you know a LGBT or questioning youth, let them know that it gets better.


Julie said...

hahah, that is just TOO AWESOME.

Julie said...

ps. happy birthday!

Generic Jen B said...

You are my new hero. I'd be too scared to dress up as a schoolgirl and walk through Shibuya... were you walking to the party in a group? If not, you get bonus points.

Tokyo Cowgirl said...

This makes me sad in so many ways!

Way #1 - I'm going to miss your birthday

Way #2 - I missed out on the hilarious antics that come with dressing up like a Japanese school girl

Way #3 - I will miss The. Best. Party. AKA the Metropolis Halloween Party. Oh yes, sarcasm intended.

Way #4 - repeat one and two, add noodles. And gyoza. And more noodles.

Apryl in Wonderland said...

I am SO dressing like Imoto for I need the schoolgirl uni and some big black eyebrows!

iheartjapan said...

hi. i'm a frequent reader but this is my first time to comment. can i just say how much i love the way you wrote "ass^hat"? i just love the fact that it has its own little hat provided within the word, just to really hammer the point home. that is all. ;)

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Julie: thaaanks! I recommend it to everyone at least once.

Jen: I must confess, we took a cab to the party but I did walk around the bu later with my gf who was in her actual uniform from middle school here. Half points??

Cowgirl: you would make a fabulous noodle-eating schoolgirl. In fact, the drool from all the salarymen would make Tokyo float away so better not unleash it. Word to the metropolis party. Shall I go in your honor?! :)

Apryl: pictures please!! Those eyebrows ate big shoes to fill!

Iheartjapan: thanks for stopping by! To be honest, I inserted the hat thing by accident and then kind of liked the look of it so I left it in :)

maji de bikkuri said...

I sure hope you arent`t sick of lurkers of your blog comming out as such, because here`s another one!

I`ve been reading your blog even before I arrived in Japan, learning, laughing and nodding along and otherwise making you my personal idol, (see, my heart`s reached mouse-like speed and everything)and even though my major inferiority complex and too-busy-to-update-it schedule make me unwilling to show you my own blog, I felt the need to come into contact with you. And, since I`m doing the obligatory 5-month high school exchange trip in a sailor seifuku, I felt this particular entry would suit the occation :)

Hopefully you will forgive this white girl of acting like a smitten Japanese fangirl, but words are really starting to fail me, and before you know it I`ll be hiding my face in a colourful hand towel.

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

maji de bikkuri: Your comment is too sweet! (And I adore lurkers.) I hope you are ready to have a whole lot of attention unleashed on you in uniform - it's like achieving instant rockstar status :) I would love to see your blog so please drop by again! (Reading your comment again, I may have misinterpreted - are you a teacher dressing up or are you a student wearing uniform everyday?)

maji de bikkuri said...

Aw, good to know :)

Oh no, you`ve got it right: I`m a daily rockstar in my legitimate sailor uniform, rocking Japanese classrooms with a cute pencil case and pigtails. (so yes, I`m an actuall high school -exchange- student, not a teacher)

Like I said, my inferiority complex is huge, and my blog is infrequently updated, so read and comment at your own risk:

Good luck with your own Japanese excursions! Will keep reading, if given the time!

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

maji de: Thanks, I will definitely check your blog out. And big props for being a high school student here (I hope you write about it on your blog)! I think I am secretly (oops) jealous of people who got to do high school exchanges here!