Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fresh air helps my constitution

As promised, Roses' last email: Have you been busy lately? Since the weather was nice today I went for a walk in Shinjuku gyoen. Because I really like Autumn and I grew up in the country, I often go to the park when I'm looking for nature. At this point I'm really tired from drinking too much every day and so I have to at least get some peace of mind. I think you must be busy too but please email me sometimes. I miss you [breaking heart emoticon]. (Please excuse the moronic sounding English, I'm hurrying so I can get to bed.)

Ahhh a host with a soul! He just doesn't stop does he? I handed him the holy grail and he still wants to make sure I'm locked down as a return customer. A return customer that requests him by name on my next visit. In fact, he probably sent a similar version of that same email to several other customers while lounging on the vinyl sofas at the club waiting to be called to a table. I guess even after relenting to a return visit he has to stay on the offensive to ensure I make good on my word. I'm too tired to come up with anything witty so I'll leave it at that for now.

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