Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On how to become the easiest customer ever

Despite what I wrote on the Demise of Roses, I felt I should at least email him something that would discourage further contact. So I gave it up and with very little encouragement too. I told Roses that although I was busy with work (i.e. no private dates), I would try to make it back to his club sometime in November (i.e. this is what you have been pursuing me for, now you can stop). Well, Roses must think me the easiest customer ever! He didn't even have to court me and already I am making plans to visit the club again. He immediately texted back and asked if I would ask for him by name next time. Hoping to elicit some information on return visits, I said I was unsure of how the system works. Dot dot dot.

Clever host that he is, he gently explained it to me as follows: the time you came before we gave you and your friends a first timer service, in order to show you what kind of club we have and the kind of hosts you can talk to. The next time you come to the club, if there is a host you fancy, you can ask for him by name and he will receive a portion of your bill. So, the next time you come it will be a little more expensive. If it's OK with you, I'd really like you to ask for me by name...(emoticon of bowing man). Also, if you are working within a budget, you can tell me what that budget is and I will work within that. If you have any more questions let me know!

I figured I would leave it there and contact him again if I went back this month but when another email came the following evening asking if I understood the system, I told him yes and thank you. I thought that would be it. I gave it up so easily after all! But alas the following night I got this: hey, how are you spending the long weekend? As I said in my mail about our club's system, I would really like it if you ask for me next time you come to hang out at the club. Aside from that though, if you do have any free time I would really like to hang out together. There are a lot of things I want to ask you about, like your work and Canada. Email me any time.

If that wasn't enough, he called my cell the evening after that. I'm going to relay his last message that I got tonight and that is it. How do I know it will be his last? I'm going to block his address. Don't worry though, this is not the last of Roses, as I have a sneaking suspicion a visit to Club Love is in the cards this month.


Kelley Dawne said...

He's relentless!
I guess the idea is that if you really care about him, you'll spend twice as much money when you go to the club. That seems to be the way it works.
They start to ask you for things after they capture your heart (buying them expensive drinks, or if you are a rich woman, bringing them shopping).
I think it's a terrible system. Also, it seems like it would cause a lot of problems if the woman really DID love them and got jealous. She might cause a scene trying to get the host to quit the club.

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Oh I know! The beau was telling me that towards the end of the month when they start tallying up the figures to see who is number one, hosts will start telling their customers how much more they need to sell in order to surpass anothor host to the number one spot. So the wealthy ladies will crack open a bottle of champagne or put a bottle in the keep. When his other customers see this, they start competing for who can spend the most to bolster his sales, and it all becomes a big piss-up.

It is quite a system as even women who think they are being cautious can get sucked in, thinking this time it's different, and genuine.