Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last night

Do you know what 6000 yen can get you in Tokyo? It can gain you entrance for two to Warehouse in Azabu-juban with no drinks included and far too much trance music for my taste. Which is anything longer than about thirty seconds.

I can't believe I used to actually wear blue flares and plastic "candy" jewelry and willingly pay to listen to music like that at raves when I was 16. It must not have been trance. What happened to jungle and drum n bass music? There are far too many good spaces in Tokyo being used for trance parties, such a waste.

At around 4am this morning as we stumbled out of Prego nicely sauced on vodka tonics and leaving wafty hints of garlic in our wake I decided we had to go dancing. Hip hop was obviously my only choice but what would be open past 5? So instead of a short cab ride to a hookah bar where I could shake it next to Russian "models", we let our post-break up friend convince us that it would be fabulous to go to Warehouse. I knew the music would be bad and yet even as I heard it thumping through the door at the entrance, I dubiously (read drunkenly) shelled out 6000 yen for us to enter the club, do a turn around the dance floor while inhaling a drink in a shitty plastic cup and stand around for about 5 minutes before declaring that the music made us want to vomit and why don't we just go home? Tokyo's slogan for its 2016 Olympic bid should be "Tokyo: where your cash is as fleeting as the sakura".

Interestingly enough, 6000 yen can also buy you a Brazilian wax at Tokyo's new (and only) waxing salon Nua. It is high time the time-honored ritual of waxing came to Tokyo and I couldn't have been more excited to learn my waxer yesterday was actually Brazilian. I mean really, if you're going to go to Brazil you might as well have a Brazilian take you there. I wonder how long it will take to catch on among the native ladies here. Judging by what I've been seeing at the gym, quite a while.


astrorainfall said...

LOL - yep, ditto, from what I see at onsens. Damn, these women need some proper education on the Brazilian.

LadyAislin said...

I can't believe that as "trendy" as Japan is supposed to be, that shaving and waxing down there hasn't caught on. I guess the models only do it, because the bikini pictures I've seen latey, it would be very noticeable if they didn't at least shave. But of course this is also the same country where it's hard to find deodorant. *shrugs*

BTW I love your blog. I love the view you give into life in Japan.

Anonymous said...

haha nice post. ive had some sucky times in japan (recently too) but 6000 to get in a club is a definite rip-off i could not stomach.

i can dance to just about anything if the mood is right. but prefer hip hop too.

in unrelated news i was about to go to osaka during this GW... why? just cuz a few friends of mine wanted to go to ikea. a place i live 15 minutes from back in the states. the only reason i wanted to go was to hit up a club i enjoyed last time, but cmon, it's monday. how popping could it be?

a friend's recent return from traveling, and attainment of a diarhettic status saved me from the 6 hour total drive that would leave me feeling like i wasted my time, money, and energy.

Neil Duckett said...

Very amused to read of the waxing tales and yes, the locals i have sampled have all observed the natural bush which to me just isn't on. I mean if i go diving on the great barrier reef i want to see the coral and not have seaweed all over the place. I HOPE it takes off.

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

astrorainfall- agreed. I can't look away though, it's like a train wreck and I end up looking like a pervin mervin in the gym changing room.

LadyAislin- Thanks for stopping by! You'd think it would have caught on, but even the new waxing place I go to has only gotten requests for very standard side-trimming of the hedges from its Japanese customers. Maybe it has to do with the mosaic covering pubic hair in porn here, and women have nothing to compare themselves to?!?!

Anon- Hello! That's so funny you mentioned Ikea, both of the ones in Tokyo are about an hour from where I live and a total bitch to get to - and I always go thinking I'm going to have a great time and end up hyperventilating or fighting with the beau. Glad you managed to avoid the trip from hell!!

Neil- I was hoping we might get some male input around here and you have certainly delivered! I really don't understand why women who shave their arms do nothing about the Muff Fuji, as I've heard it called.