Monday, August 3, 2009

Losing my religion

I recently jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and let me tell you, it is fab. Apart from the fact that I can't really use the damn thing properly. I send out the requisite address change email and who do you think emailed me back bright and far too early on Saturday morning? Kenshojo. When I didn't reply she called twice an hour later. I finally replied and asked how she was and got a SUPER GENKI ON CRACK reply. She asked if I had the day off and thinking she was just making chit chat, I naively said yes. She immediately emails back and says "Let's grab a coffee then! I'm with my friend in Omiya (hot bed of this Buddhist cult) so why don't you come out here around 3? Bring your boyfriend too." Fishy-sounding isn't it? I swear she was planning to sit us down and ply us with Books to improve our otherwise cult-free lives. I didn't respond for a few minutes and she immediately sends another emailing announcing that because it was so hot that day, I should come sometime after 5. Who is this woman?! Her first mistake was assuming that I would go out to Saitama (and we all know how I feel about getting stuck out there) and her second was assuming that Quit hadn't already filled me in on her new religion and wily ways. I politely declined and had barely pressed send when she asked me to meet the next day. I did the classic I'll have my people call your people and thankfully haven't heard from her since. Close call, this blog almost turned into a free cult conversion site for some freaky deaks in Saitama.

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