Monday, June 30, 2008

Catfight on the Ginza

I witnessed a woman going berserk in a store in Ginza while "shopping" there with my friend. I say "shopping" because really, I don't buy anything in Ginza, nor is there anything I go shopping in Ginza for.

We were just checking out some jewellery when the woman next to me starts screaming at this other woman. My friend just about jumped out of her skin and wanted us to leave (I'm not sure why she thought the woman was going to go after us next) but I insisted we stay for the show, hell everyone else was. The angry woman then proceeded to stomp her heels aggressively and ask the other woman what the hell she was doing. When I first heard the shouting and looked over, they seemed to be struggling over either the angry woman's wallet or a paper bag she was holding. Now the other woman (let's call her the perp) was dressed normally and apart from the fact that she stood there meek and mute before taking off, she seemed normal. It was almost more interesting watching the other customers because none of them did anything (including the two shop assistants), they just stood around with blank faces.

Soon after the stomping the perp started to leave the store with the angry woman hot on her heels. But by now she had switched to pointing at her forearm and yelling, What the hell is this?!?!?! My friend and I came up with two theories: a) the perp was trying to steal the woman's wallet and b) the perp was a customer who accidentally bumped the angry woman who reacted out of proportion to the situation. I'm thinking it was either a) or something similar. Or maybe it was a mistress-wife fight! If the perp had bumped the angry woman, she would have apologized profusely and the situation would have diffused. Anyway, it was a very weird situation and I've never seen a woman get publicly angry like that here (aside from drunk women in Roppongi). I will however, definitely have to incorporate the matador style stomping into my own routine.

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