Monday, June 23, 2008

When maids harden tighten

I went out on Friday night to Departure Lounge in Azabu-juban (or just Juban to those who have earned the right to call it that) for the first time. It didn't quite live up to my expectations of a lofty place in the sky with plush armchairs and marble bar counters but I'm still glad I checked it out. According to the website the space is supposed to evoke a feeling of being in a top class international airport lounge but it was more just a lounge with high ceilings. But I digress. After having lived in Japan for a while I am somewhat immune to "Engrish" and the confusing wacky phrases littered around the city. On the elevator up into the clouds we passed a restaurant called "harden tighten". You heard me. Upon first glance I thought maybe it was some kind of members-only sex club or something but it seems to be just a regular old restaurant with a titillating name (see my keitai snap above).

And just for fun I though I'd include a photo I took in Akihabara a few weeks ago. The top floor of Yodobashi Camera is a restaurant floor so the beau and I wandered around for about 20 mins before finally deciding on a place. I love restaurant floors but we always have a hard time deciding what to eat because it's like, what if we don't ever come back?! We have to find the best place! Anyway as we were leaving we walked by a restaurant and I spotted a maid's legs through the low window. See the frilly apron? I guess she was on a paid date perhaps? I haven't heard of maids going on paid dates like hostesses but maybe they do, or maybe she freelances...

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Kelley Dawne said...

Actually, I'm a teacher at a Japanese company and one of my students has talked openly (much to the horror of the others) about going on paid dates with girls from the maid cafes. Basically they get a flat rate for the day and then he has to pay for all meals, entrance fees, presents, etc. It seems terribly expensive, but he does it regularly. lol.