Friday, September 12, 2008

Blue-Eyed Geisha

蝶々 I just had to throw this out here. This is the vintage Japanese poster of the American movie "My Geisha" (the Japanese title is Blue-Eyed Chocho-san, which is what they call Madame Butterfly in Japanese minus the eye colour part). It was shamelessly copied off of some random site that was selling it.

If you want to see Shirley MacLaine pretending to be a geisha so as to fool her husband and with some nice 1960s touches, go out and rent this immediately. I don't remember the details as it has been a very long time since I saw it, but I would assume there is a lot of un-PC talk and cringe-inducing dialogue.

Two somewhat legitimizing factors are that the cinematographer was Japanese and make-up god Shu Uemura transformed Shirley, which I think was how he broke into Hollywood. I was reminded of the movie when I went to see a Shu Uemura retrospective thing at the Mori Art Museum a while back and judging by his letters and photographs with people like Clark Gable, I gather he was quite the man about town in L.A. at that time.

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