Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shout out

As some of you may already know, the fabulous movers and shakers of the Tokyo blog community had their inaugural meeting this past weekend. The first part of the evening involved me being handcuffed, as it was held at the ever trendy Lock-up izakaya where they can't seem to decide on a theme so there is a little bit of mad scientist, PVC fetish, boogieman and jail theme going on. Nothing says "social science project" like a group of adults no longer able to hide behind their written personalities but I was very pleasantly surprised. I had completely different ideas about who might be showing up, not better or worse, just different, which perhaps goes to show how unimaginative I am, or bad at reading online personalities. A special thanks to the Foreign Salaryman, who put it all together and for some reason kept getting Tokyo Cowgirl and I confused (does that mean you think I'm the intense one?!).

Unfortunately the Cowgirl and I had a date with an igloo so we missed out on the alleged male bonding that took place at the after party. Will definitely not skip such a telling experience next time!


john turningpin said...

Very nice to meet you. Hope to do so again sometime.

Yes, there was much male bondage going on at The Hub. Couldn't tell you how "quality" it was because we were all quite hammered. That's what happens when we're left to our own devices.

billywest said...

I want to go to the ice bar next time. I mean, male bonding is cool and all, but...