Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Keeping it in check

Just in time for bonenkai season! I don't think there will be much of anything at home for people this month, which is usually packed with end-of-year parties for every compartment of life. I really enjoy what could be called the Metro's naivete in saying "let's be careful not to drink too much" in small print on the poster. I have an inkling it could take a bit more to undo years of a practically institutionalized encouragement of alcoholism.

What do we have to look forward to at Chez Geisha this month? Hopefully more writing, for one. I haven't posted as much as I would have liked this year so there's no other way to fix that other than an end of year blitz! And speaking of getting blitzed, we can all look forward to stories from this year's Kaisha Kristmas, which is coming up this month. I almost have to bite my pillow I'm so excited to see what will happen this year! Last year they did the schoolgirl uniform thing so this year maybe we'll be treated to Professionals dressed as maids and some ugly cross-dressing renditions of Madonna circa her most recent album cover. The possibilities are endless!

There won't be a trip up North this year, I am spending my first New Year's in Tokyo (not counting the one when I was 20 and started the night off with the madness at Shibuya's crossing followed by inebriation at Pure and phone calls in the ensuing days from boys I couldn't remember)(I may have fallen down some stairs too). This does mean that I probably won't have any tales of the beau's lolicon brother and his underage exploits. Fear not however, for I believe last night the beau told a half-asleep me that the brother may have impregnated someone, so we could be in for a dekichatta-kon (shotgun wedding) in the New Year! (I'll have another post on general sexual health and the use of condoms in Japan coming up shortly.) The good news is, the woman is 27!

New Year's this year is thus a toss up between an event I can wear a sparkly dress to and a small gathering of friends at home followed by a shrine visit at midnight, which I have never done - and yet I dare to call myself a foreigner in Japan! Luckily, champagne knows no cultural boundaries and will be appropriate for either.

This year I will try to refrain from posting about Christmas although I can't promise anything. You know I love to give in to impulse. Hell, I might even indulge in some fried chicken.

Have you noticed the increasing cold, Tokyoites? There's no better cure for cold weather than snuggling up to men with candy-floss hair. That's right! I am reviving Project Host and there will be a visit to a host club this month to look forward to. I can barely keep from clicking my pointy toes together in anticipation!

Last but not least I am trying to finish my kitsuke master course but it may have to wait until January. My favourite kimono bought when I was a student at Waseda doesn't fit as well as it should, so I am hoping to have it taken apart and stitched back together again in time for the New Year. Knowing Japan, traditional seamstresses are probably booked through January so its formal debut may have to wait too.

It's going to be a busy month gentle readers, I hope you're all staying warm and well fed!


Jen B said...

This post is seriously genki! :-D

Beth said...

YES project host! i went to one this weekend and OH MY GOD LOVED IT. i don't even think i went to a very good one but it was SO FUN. i'll post about it sometime soon. one more skeptic, dazzled.

Lisa said...

I think we are all looking forward to more writing from you!

I hope the professionals dress up like Lady Gaga!!

Anonymous said...

well, I'm well fed, anyway. (-;
Looking forward to reading your stuff this holiday season. (and writing my own) You continue to inspire me.
Dekichatta-kon LOL love it!

Tokyo Moe said...

Have you ever graced a host club in kimono? That would be grand, no?!

Anonymous said...

Its good to hear that that more posts are coming up! I almost feel like Im stalking you, since I check almost every day to see if theres any news from the green eyed geisha. Keep up the brilliant, humorous and exciting work!

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Jen B - ha, aren't I always this upbeat?!

Beth - Exciting! I can't wait to read about your night!

Lisa - That is a definite possibility, although I do hope they'll skip the tights unless they know how to do the "tuck"!

goingloco - Glad to hear it! Still haven't heard an update on the baby front, but waiting with bated breath!

Tokyo Moe - That would be grand! Once I get my nice kimono fixed up I will certainly consider it!

Anonymous - Thank you so much! My posts have been few and far between lately so you may want to subscribe - it would save you the trouble of visiting every day!

Jon Allen said...

I'm looking forward to more posts from you too. If you want to meet a lot of men there's the Tokyo Tech Party next week in Roppongi you may be interested in.

It's free entry so you can always hit a host bar later if you don't find enough entertainment ;)

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Jon Allen - Thanks for the comment. I'm really only interested in men I can pay to talk to me at this point, but if I wasn't, the party sounds great AND is at one of my favourite places for a cocktail! :)