Friday, August 1, 2008

Please do it at the beach

Moments after writing:

"Tokyo Metro is a little behind in putting up a usable image of the August manner poster so until I find a better one here is my rendering of it. Please, save your praise for my keitai photography skills ,"

the blessed Metro updated their web page. There was also an added explanation to say that using "Let's do it at" as the common phrase on the posters, they will be developed monthly. Now that we know they are changing the catchphrase every month, this could get even more interesting than anticipated!

As I mentioned before I love the action shot this month, and just when you thought the Metro was getting all serious with the previous manner posters and their "women-only" carriages, they throw us a humor bone. Although instead of saying "please do not rush into the train" they should have said "please do not dive into the train" to be more in keeping with the nautical theme. I am curious however, as to why our diver seems to be saluting us as he is crushed by the doors. What a good Japanese soldier.
I wasn't going to say anything about creepy sweepy (other than I wish he had done some diving) but now that it's in my head I have to get it out. And I apologize in advance for the downward turn some of these posts have been taking recently and yes I do talk like this in Real Life....OK so doesn't creepy sweepy's positioning behind the diver strike anyone as an odd choice? That's all I'm going to say which is a lot better than what I was going to say. So there. Happy August!


Anonymous said...

In Osaka all we get our happy-faced trains saying "Let's quit kakekomijosha." How dull.

Anyway, I think the guy in the poster here isn't diving...I think he's doing a freestyle stroke, with excellent form I must add! Maybe that's why he looks like he's saluting us...

And can I throw in my request for next month? "Dudes close your legs. Your balls aren't that big. Six people can sit comfortably if you would sit less like an ape and more like a properly-socialized human being. Thankyouverymuch."

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Excellent analysis of the swimming-I obviously haven't been in a while!!

Keitorin said...

Wow. Maybe he's attempting to alert us to the obscene things Mr. Creepy is doing. Eek.