Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Punish me

I am being punished. Several months ago I made the mistake of cracking a huge smile and saying hey to some guy in the elevator lobby of the Kaisha's building because his face was familiar and I thought he was a fellow Kaisha-in. After later seeing what floor he got off on (not one of our floors) I realized his face looked familiar because he is just another guy I see around the building. Shit no wonder he looked at me funny, he thought I was giving him the eye. So now I run into him more than ever and constantly have to ride empty elevators with him. Last time I ever say hello to someone I don't know is 100% with the Kaisha. Hey, maybe that's why some of the Professionals ignore me! Yes, despite the fact that I am one of two highly conspicuous foreign females in the office and I couldn't be walking around the office if I didn't work there, that will now be the official party line. They aren't socially inept A-holes, they just don't know I work there.

And by the way, here is the official count for arigatous I have received so far from Professionals for the Foreign Choc: 0

Someone throw me a crumb! Even the Geisha-friendly Professionals haven't given me anything to work with. I may have to move on to stage 1 of my tent-building scheme over my cubicle.

In other news, I keep waking up extremely disoriented-this is the weirdest case of jet lag to date. You'd think I had taken Halcion or something. Last night when the beau got home I thought we were back in Canada and jumped out of bed asking him how the hell he had managed to make it back home. Poor guy, he had no idea why his crazy-ass gf was jumping out of bed half-asleep slurring unintelligible questions. Is this what it's like for older people? Do they have to take a few minutes to get their bearings when they first wake up?!

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