Friday, July 9, 2010

Skeletons in my locker

When I recently decided to splurge for a long-term locker rental at my gym, I had to sign a contract one of the clauses of which had a long list of things I was not permitted to store in the locker. Scanning down the list, "dead bodies" kind of jumped out at me. Is this common or special to Japan, where people seem to like cutting up their victims and stashing them all over the place like a sick treasure hunt?! Freakay. I personally don't know how us ladies could possibly fit even a severed hand after the mountain of beauty products and electrical appliances.

In more selfish news (?!), the beau and I are taking a little jaunt down to Kansai next month to pop our Osaka cherries. If any of you gentle readers are feeling charitable (especially after I used the words "recos"), I am looking for recos for food and drink, which is basically all I plan to do down there, save for a quick look at Osaka castle. Sleeping recos would be appreciated too, particularly cheap places or love hotels with freak-a-leek themes! Comment below or hit me up by email to the right. If I was the kind of blogger to sign off with "xoxo" I would do so here but I'm not so, uh, thanks in advance?!


kathrynoh said...

Your posts aren't showing up on my feed for some reason!

Wow long term gym lockers - that's so awesome. I've always said the gyms should have them (they are unheard of here, not sure about other places). I am sure half my exercise injuries come from lugging my gear to the gym rather than anything I do when I get there.

I guess they have to put the dead body thing on there otherwise ppl would be like "well it said NOTHING about dead bodies in the contract."

Apryl in Wonderland said...

I have seen funny things in contracts previous rental agreement had a clause banning me from playing mahjong in my apartment!

It made me REALLY want to learn/play!

Anonymous said...

I was in Osaka a few months ago to meet a guy from China for a job. Its an old town, old school everything but more spacious than Tokyo. Near Kyoto as well. Its in a valley of sorts, lots of land. Other than that, I wasnt impressed. People are about the same as Tokyo, regardless of all the ranting you hear that they arent. They say "be" after everything I think, I hope I got the right group there. They also like annoying jokes. Kyushu, Okinawa, and the rest of SE asia is impressive to me.

Corinne said...

Ooops, yup I'm just catching up, I thought the kaisha might have finally swallowed you up and you weren't posting!

I have many Osaka recos and will email them to you when I can collect my thoughts and remember which awesome bar was where.

P.S. people are different in Osaka, but that's possibly only because they've brainwashed me into saying that...

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

kathrynoh: Thanks for the heads up! The long-term lockers at my gym are tiny, so I have to build a little fortress out of my hair products and gym shoes so it all fits, but it's soooo much better than lugging everything in to work everyday.

Apryl: Maybe they thought you would start running a gambling parlour out of your living room?!

raider: I'm not going so much for the scenery as I am to just check it out because neither of us have ever been! "meet a guy from China for a job" sounds like you are an assassin or something! :)

Corinne: Yeah I am bad at this whole blogging thing :) Guess that's the price we pay for no longer drawing on cave walls. Please do email me with those places when you get a chance. If you can get away from your new business for an evening, I'd love to grab a drink with you!!

☆sarita☆ said...

You can't store dead bodies in the coin lockers at Tokyo Station either! One of the locker bays has an enormous signboard listing all the things that are prohibited, and dead bodies are right up there (#7 or something).
My friend and I were so amused we snapped a pic of it--had no idea that it was listed anywhere else!
Perhaps this is standard practice for coin locker contracts? ^^

Apryl in Wonderland said...

I think it must be okay to store LIVE bodies in those lockers then!

Cheryl said...

Hi babe, stayed at chisun hotel Shinsaibashi near nagahoribashi station! It's great! Clean cozy but small though. Abt 60usd frm zuji travel!

mukuge said...

Ah, the lovely rule #7.
Back in my old secondary-school-examination days, rule #7 was "pets are not allowed into examination room". Can you keep pets in your gym locker?

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

sarita: Maybe it is, but I doubt anyone actually storing a dead body would be following some pretty locker rules :)

Cheryl: Thanks! That's actually on my short-list!

mukuge: Good question, I'm guessing if it isn't in my contract, then yes?!