Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boo boo taboo

I went to see [Beau·ti·fied Ta·boo] this evening, a one night-only art exhibition at SuperDeluxe in Roppongi. The website promised a "dangerous art exhibition," which I think is a dangerous statement to make. SuperDeluxe is a cool space that tends to book interesting events but I just wasn't into it. For the amount of installations and mini-exhibitions they had going on in such a crowded space, it felt more like a party in some one's basement than a place to appreciate what the artists had set up. Plus the crowd. Now I don't know what I was expecting but it was a little poser-heavy. We're all posers, but the trendy art posers have got to be some of the worst.

I had hoped to catch a "body sushi" live installation but missed it and walked in during the middle of a butoh performance. Call me crazy, but hasn't everyone already seen people splatter-paint their bodies and dance around to drums?! If you google the exhibition you can find photos from the sushi installation which is actually naked men laid out instead of women, which would have been great to see. The photo above is of an installation in the corner of this woman in a very large red dress. Between her feet and on the pedestal she is propped on, there was a little TV monitor. I looked over at one point in the evening and there were two frat boy types sticking their heads under the skirt fabric, like, gee isn't this an original and appropriate thing to do?! The woman changed at one point, to a very pretty white girl, and I have my suspicions they wouldn't have gotten away with those antics under her skirt.

The most entertaining part of the evening was when a (I would assume inebriated) woman took it upon herself to start stripper dancing with the band and then even after they had finished she made the rounds, one would assume looking for a mate. I didn't realize the whole groupie thing was still cool but damn, girl was working the room like hip grinding was going out of style.

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