Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ready? Clear!!

Something at the gym tonight reminded me of another Kaisha plus. We have defibrillators! The gym story will follow but for now let's turn our focus to the defibrillators. I remember getting an email a while ago announcing their installation and thinking, shit that's exactly what I want, someone from the Kaisha shocking me with a defibrillator if I ever go into cardiac arrest. Fuck me! I don't think anyone is even qualified to use one let alone assess whether one needs to be used. Is this common in North America and I just don't know about it? At the Kaisha we are too serious about our work to fool around but it this was back home I'd probably be playing Grey's Anatomy and screaming "clear!" at my co-workers while waving the paddles around like a maniac.

I suppose it's a good thing, I mean with all the stress and long hours some one's bound to need it eventually right?

Where oh where did this stylish and sexay rubber slipper come from? Sorry to change the subject but once I start thinking of the Kaisha my mind floods with happy memories. One of the Professionals must have left it here. I've seen a couple secretaries wearing cloth slippers and slip on shoes around the office (obviously not if they're meeting someone from the Outside) which is pretty cool, no? Why wear heels all day when you can shuffle around in slippers and not pick your feet up off the ground which makes for a very annoying shh shh sound when you go down the hall?! Unfortunately some of the male Professionals wear these tres cool rubber slippers around the office. I suppose they should be allowed, after all they give their life to their work, at least their feet should be allowed to look like they don't care. It just doesn't streamline their overall look when they wear designer suits or tailored shirts with these industrial age monstrosities.

I'm proud to report however, that the ladies of the Kaisha do not ever wear shoes like this:

I had to wear something reminiscent of these sandals when my heel snapped off that time. I couldn't get my feet under my desk fast enough lest I be shunned for my shoes! These sandals are for nurses but are also classic OL shoes. Head out around Otemachi or Nihonbashi at lunch and you can see all the lovely OLs prancing around in these weird platform creations. Now that's hot.

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