Thursday, July 31, 2008

Work Work Watching!!

One of the university students that works for the beau introduced us to the wonderful world of Work Work Watching! This little anime series chronicles the life of interpreter Sujahta Yoko (I'm not really sure why she has an Indian name) as she interprets for Japanese director Todokoro. Watching it reminds me a little of the scene in Lost in Translation when the director gives Bill Murray really detailed instructions and the interpreter says it "all" in about 3 words. I'm not sure if this is really funny if you don't understand Japanese but I love love love Yoko's mangled and sometimes not even English interpretations. I think anyone who has had someone interpret for them in Japan understands the feeling that they are not really getting the full story, provided they get anything coherent at all. You can check out the whole series on YouTube and this blogger gives a good explanation of nori-tsukkomi, which I once tried to have my Japanese teacher explain to me and left thinking you basically just hit someone over the head if they do something stupid. Anyway it's good for a laugh and had the beau and I flapping our arms and saying "work work watching!!!" for weeks after.

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