Friday, July 18, 2008

Fold my chopstick bag!

ホット Sooo if you live in Japan you've had to have seen Hot Pepper magazine and maybe even girls in cowboy hats passing copies out on the street. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, it's a monthly coupon magazine with a different version for each part of town (so for example I currently have one covering Ginza, Nihonbashi and Kanda etc). The mag mostly covers restaurants and lounges/bars with every page filled with pictures of either food, drink or interior shots (not a good idea to read it when you're hungry with no food within arm's reach). But it also has beauty salons, lessons and some shopping info. I've never actually used one to decide where to go out for dinner but I always pick one up when I need something to read on the train and I secretly love looking at all the restaurants even if I'm not in the market for one.

Recently when I flicked through one I made a great discovery: paper chopstick envelope origami!!! Next time you're at the izakaya and waiting for
your food, impress your friends and lovers with origami animals!




In a small note to the side it lays out the main uses of this intriguing and ancient Japanese Tradition:

1. To fill gaps in the conversation
2. To fill time between dishes
3. To fill space in your heart

Aw how kitsch is that! I think this whole chopstick envelope thing is going to catch on so I want you all to go out and get folding!!!

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