Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I heart my Kaisha #2

If I didn't have enough reasons to heart the Kaisha, I discovered another one today: sneak peaking. I just had my cascading stripper hair cut off over the weekend to just below my chin. When I say cascading I'm talking, I could hide my nipples with it like Alanis Morisette in that super old music video. Why do I remember that you may ask. Well let's just say I had the unfortunate experience of fooling around with a high school bf while that video was playing.

So aside from a few brave souls who !shock horror! actually came to talk to me about my hair, there was a lot of double-taking and sneak peaking around the file cabinets today. Even my "secretary" snuck some looks but didn't bother coming to say hi. They must think I am so out of it on my little white cloud (pun intended) that I don't notice a damn thing. I was hoping I would catch one of them gossiping about me so I could turn around and tell them I had woken up like this and was going to the doctor to have it checked later, but haven't yet had the pleasure. I'm still waiting for the day when I decide to go dark and really scare the shit out of them. The only person who was really straight with me was the cleaning lady who, when she came around to collect my garbage said, Oh you cut your hair eh? That style is good too. This coming from a rough but sweet 60 plus lady who either grunts when I thank her or is super sweet, telling me I've lost weight or that she likes my hair in that clip.

Well if a drastic hair cut won't work I don't know what will. These people won't talk to me!!! I didn't even get to show off my knowledge of the term ime-chen which is short for imeji- chenji or image change and popular with the young folk these days. I'm going to make these people love me if it kills me! I'm already plotting how to ambush everyone at the Kaisha personally and individually to deliver souvenirs from Canada. No I am not due in Canada until next week hurrah! but I have been counting the number of omiyage I need and we are looking at over 60!! So I will probably buy some ghetto maple cookies and take them round. I am planning to stop by everyone's desk or office on my floor when I get back, whether I know them or not. At least if I give them a cookie they won't be able to think I'm a bitch, even if they still refuse to acknowledge my presence.

Here's hoping and more on the weekend later!

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Tokyo Cowgirl said...

Yaye!!! Another blog about the company from "At the Kaisha Geisha"!