Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Host project

Just a quick note to update those of you following the chain of events, my host project is coming along, although perhaps not as expected. The second host who has my number called me tonight and I neglected to pick up-I wonder if he is just trying to get my keitai address too and can't simply get it from Roses, some kind of host code of honour?

After telling me by email last night that from now on he would "email me sometimes", Roses emailed me tonight and asked when I was free to go out with him. No mention of the club and he specified "somewhere". I replied a few hours later with a non-committal, Sure I have time, and I have yet to hear further from him. Maybe I'm not being preened for a regular customer position but that of a friend!

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DBR said...

Or he's sensing your reluctance and thinking you won't "pay-off"? He's likely very good at picking who is worth his time and who isn't - perhaps, purely for the sake of your readers, you should make yourself a little more available for pampering LOL