Friday, October 10, 2008

I am invisible

Apparently I am so white I am practically transparent, and thus, invisible. After a recent day out of the office I returned to an email from the Professional who sits behind me, instructing me to do something. He retracted this 6 hours later after finally realizing that I hadn't been at my desk all day. Fucking lovely. If I am going to be invisible I'd at least like some of the perks, you know, being able to spy on people and whatnot, instead of just being ignored or better yet, accosted on the street.


john turningpin said...

I found this very amusing.

I myself am invisible at the workplace. I often go days without opening up the work e-mail client because I either haven't gotten anything or what I've gotten is a group e-mail that has nothing to do with me. But I also utilize my invisibility once or twice a day to go サボるing and wander around the neighborhood for 20 or so minutes at a time. And to post on blogs while on the clock.

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

It's a beautiful thing isn't it!?