Monday, October 27, 2008

String me along

As I mentioned in my Host Report, the two hosts who have my number had each called. They continued to call throughout the weekend and on Saturday night I finally called them back, letting it ring long enough to matter and hanging up before they could pick up. The truth is, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to see where this thing goes, or whether it would be wise to keep up appearances in case I ever return to the club. After encouragement from my two consorts Cowgirl and Other Whitie, I have decided to see where this goes. Which is why I answered the phone today when the host who gave me the roses called (let's call him Roses). He thanked me for coming the other night and asked if now was an OK time to talk. I then made excuses for not picking up his calls over the last few days and after some more chit chat he said we should go hang out or see a movie sometime, as he wanted to get to know me. I quickly said, Yes let's be friends! because that is something you can say in Japanese without sounding like a certifiable loser. While I was offering the promise of friendship, he was finishing his sentence with, And become your boyfriend.

After I countered this, reminding him that I have a boyfriend, he asked if we were rabu rabu (love love), which is a fantastic Japanese onomatopoeia word that is used to describe people in love. I first learned this while visiting a junior high school here when I was in high school, when upon telling girls that I had a boyfriend they started shrieking and asking me, rabu rabu? while holding up their hands to form a heart shape. So I told Roses that we were in fact, rabu rabu and he said that it would be nice to be friends too. The call ended with me promising to email him so he would know my keitai address.

When I had decided to pick up when Roses called, I had a couple things in mind: 1) if he was calling to ask me back to the club I could research what it is like to become a regular patroness of the Host Club or 2) if he was calling to hang out, I could become friends with a slew of hosts and learn many-a-thing. On par with Cowgirl's suggestion, I have decided to start a host club tour, reviewing each one I visit and rating them with a unique and patented rating system. Of course Cowgirl and Other Whitie will join me in awarding points, and they are some discriminating ladies. I'm not sure how often this will take place but I will strive for excellence I promise!! So after my call with Roses I started giddily thinking about 2) and planning all sorts of activities for my new host BFF. And then it hit me. I'm being strung along! This is part and parcel of the chain of events relating to 1). First the host starts calling you and pretending he wants to see you without any mention of a return visit to his club, and then when you finally say yes, he will ask you to come to the club and you will be too smitten to resist! I am such a rookie I can't believe I thought for a minute that he wanted to hang out sans club. Either way, if he does want to hang out (for free) or if I have made a rookie mistake, the journey will be interesting and you can rest assured it will be recorded here.


Cowgirl said...


Everything is coming up roses!

Keitorin said...

Cowgirl is a clever one, hah.

This sounds interesting, I definitely want to keep informed along the way about each Host Club you visit, I'm so tempted to go myself!

I have such a soft spot for hot Japanese guys, I can't blame you if you did make a "rookie mistake."

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Yes, we shall see in the coming weeks how it unfolds. Funnily enough, it was the beau who first encouraged me to continue on to more clubs and write about them, he was even the one to suggest a special rating system, which will be announced soon.

Kelley Dawne said...

You sold me with your description of Club Love. My friends and I were all set on going to Acqua, but now I'd rather check out Club Love. The um, promotional videos for Acqua (viewable on youtube..not safe for work) made me a little uncomfortable about visiting a club. Now I know it's not all sleaze...I'm in!