Thursday, October 30, 2008

If I were a host, where would I go?

After I posted my last update on Project Host, Roses emailed me at 2 in the morning. After apologizing for the late reply because the club had been busy that night and he had gotten "quite drunk", he said he was so happy that I had time to meet up. The he listed (as in with numbers) his initial ideas for what we could do. Drum roll please...

1. A walk in Shinjuku gyoen park [ah, we can inhale the smell of autumn leaves together]
2. A hike up Mt. Takao, a World Heritage Site [is it just me or are we getting higher in level of difficulty?!]
3. If it's next month, watching Red Cliff at the theatre [He expects me to watch it with Japanese subtitles?!]

Roses then assured me that the above list was just a few ideas, he has many more, and ever the gentleman, urged me to tell him if I had any desires. Obviously my idea of a non-date thing has gone by the wayside, as has the existence of the beau. The above are a shining example of classic date ideas in Tokyo. In fact, if I took a peek at one of the many dating guide magazines here, they would be at the top of the list. Later that night a katana got thrown in the works of Project Host (which I shall later elaborate on) and I suspended contact. Roses however, has not, and I received another interesting email last night...

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Kelley Dawne said...

I'm left in suspense? What happened? And yes...classic dating activities. lol. Maybe roses has a selective memory when it comes to your man?